“Economical Madness”

The European economy continues to face adverse economic ,however  there is a European nation were these adverse economic conditions are immediately passed to the public in this case motorist .
Portugal continues to have one of the world’s most expensive final consumer prices for fuel (petrol) per liter, the prices are largely inflated by the now parliament elected government, in the last weeks gasoline price have increased by over 14 cents per liter…

The common citizen in Portugal faces once more a huge  increase in taxes as part of the 2016 State budget  presented to the European parliament, these measures imply increase in taxes to the stamp duty, tax on oil products and tobacco tax.    
The political action taken by the new parliament elected government will downgrade the Portuguese economy to new levels of “economical madness”
The public servants will see the working hours reduced to 35h a week!!! While the public sector will continue 40h a week.. Four Public holidays removed during the Troika control have now been reinstated, according to local news tax fraud and evasion by big economical groups will continue.

Discretionary measures in public administrations, the Executive expects an  impact of 0.21% of GDP at the level of indirect taxes, which is about 155 million more that will breach the Treasury in 2016., this shows in fact that no real measures have been taken to reduce the burden the state has on the economy.

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