Super95 is the most common type of fuel in Europe and is found on each gasoline station.
Portugal the price for gasoline are 14-19% more expensive  than the European average.
Portugal has now the fourth most expensive consumer price for Fuel in Europe 24% over the average price, and is one of the most expensive in the world.
This year alone the final consumer price at the pump for the motorist have increased over 20 cents per liter, in one of Europe’s poorest Nations this inflation of prices has a devastating effect on many families.
During the crude price drop over the last weeks the petrol companies in Portugal reflected to the consumer very little of that price drop which reached prices of 2009, in fact they keeped the increase on a weekly basis.
Companies like Galp,BP,Repsol and Cepsa, simply continue on an inflated  price range with the agreement of the government, in fact this is an election year but the Portuguese public continue to hear as they have done in the past four years how more and more taxes are created, in fact this is the only measures the politicians have to stimulate employment and growth, create more phantom taxes.
The Portuguese are the only Nation that pays Tax on Tax, the average worker has to work 8 months per year just to pay the Taxes.
There is no reason to have increased the consumer price for Fue (gasoline)l except the reason to exploit the public.
The announced growth will now be condemned to failure, all politicians and political parties have the same basic worthless ideas that will further degrade the badly structured economy. The present government or future governments should work for the people, the ones that elect them and not work and support companies who’s objective is profit at any expense.
Now the present Government has decided that all gasoline stations must have a low cost pump, one for diesel the other for un-leaded fuel, these so called low cost gasoline should have a minimum 15 cents difference to the normal additive product, however and according to today’s news, Cepsa is the first gasoline company To announce that it will only sell low costs products, the amazing news revealed is that the consumer costs per liter will be 3 cents difference !!!
In fact the low cost gasoline is just another way for the gasoline companies to increase their profit as they will be selling inferior product at almost the same inflated price as the normal product, what other reason would Cepsa have to change to low cost products if not an increase in profit.
These companies with the support of the government do as they please, the only objective they have is PROFIT at any cost ...
BP has the most expensive final consumer prices for the motorists; in the highways these companies have the prices even more inflated by another 3 cents per liter.


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