The petrol companies in one of Europe’s oldest and most poor economies have once more speculated and inflated the consumer final price.

Portugal faces serious economic problems, the bailout plan imposed by the Trioka has only succeeded to increase inflation, unemployment, poverty,social unrest and a massive reduction in spending, the only point that hasn’t decreased is the public debt, in the middle of all this we have the petrol companies Galp, BP, Cepsa and Repsol inflating the prices at their pleasure on a almost weekly basis, each has a market share of 25%.
Portugal has one of the most expensive consumer price for energy in the world, in particular for petrol.

The latest official prices are as follows..
Galp 1,639
BP 1,649
Cepsa 1,634
Repsol 1,634

 BP in Portugal has one of the highest consumer petrol prices in the world…

Last week BP increased the consumer price by 4 cents per liter, this week they have already inflated the consumer price by another a 1 cent.
This is how these petrol companies have ever bigger profits.


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