During 2013 Portugal will remain in recession due to degrading political policies of the government, as the end of the first  month of the new year looms closer the increases continue to be  announced ...
Tolls on motorways and former SCUT are going to be increased.
Petrol for the average motorist has once more increased by 2 cents per litre, this will be the third increase this year, Portugal will continue with one of the most expensive final consumer prices for petrol in the world,rated at € 1,644 per litre for regular 95 Octane, these prices are practised by all companies Involved ...


WorldWatch estimates that inflation will rise this year, there will be many goods and services whose price will increase further,
WorldWatch predicts that In the first quarter of 2013 consumer demand will fall by 14%!
Unemployment will continue, social unrest will aggravate,. consumer demand will decrease in particular for petrol.

Everything is Taxed in Portugal, according to WorldWatch each person needs seven months to work just to pay Taxes.
What Portugal needs are well structured measures in order to lift the economy and make the country competitive and productive.


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