Firefighter Equipment

I think Firefighters are essential and well respected helpers in our community, so they deserved to have quality equipments to use in times of duty. Comtrex Communications & Tactical has the Firefighter Equipment from different leading supplier that you might want to check out. It is a great site where people can find great price for fireman equipment . Skull Microphone with Hirose Connector is very useful, it picks up user's voice through bone vibrations Comfortable molded rubber Skull Microphone and ear cup PTT options for use with protective clothing and special applications Adaptable to most helmet configurations Call for Government/ Volume Pricing. Your feedback with regards to their site is highly appreciated before they do the redesigning of their firefighter equipment page. Visit on the link provided and let them know what you think.



Oil prices slipped above $78 a barrel Friday (16-10-2009) as investors speculate with the prospect that global growth is in a upward movement. Oil prices have fallen about 67% in four months, plunging from a record $147.27 in mid-July 2008.
Demand for gasoline crude products during the past week had a slight increase, due to a decrease in US stocks and the dollar at new record low levels.
According to WorldWatch this does not mean there is a increase in crude demand, most world economies have not started to recover, and those that have are facing new challangers.
If OPEC does not try to control crude prices from speculation and less honest traders and governments and consumer prices rise, then OPEC may face a decrease in demand as much as 12% first quarter 2010.
These figures are based on actual demand using a crude price referrence of $66 a barril. Any price above $66 a barril will undermine world recovery and place in check most OPEC based economies.
Alternative energy methods will be strengthen causing a further decline in crude, so if OPEC wants to survive it must control this energy price
as it leaves the oil fields around the world.


WHG 8 13

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Jack's Quest Halloween Contest!

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Revenue Flop..

Memory chip company Rambus Inc. reported an 22 percent decline in revenue and bigger losses during the fourth quarter, though business appeared to pick up from earlier in the year.

The company, which receives licensing fees from patents of its memory chip designs, lost $27.3 million, or 22 cents per share, compared with a loss of $15.5 million, or 15 cents, in the same quarter a year earlier.

Memory chip company Rambus Inc. reported an 18 percent decline in revenue and bigger losses during the fourth quarter, though business appeared to pick up from earlier in the year.

The company, which receives licensing fees from patents of its memory chip designs, lost $23.3 million, or 22 cents per share, compared with a loss of $15.5 million, or 15 cents, in the same quarter a year earlier.

Revenue fell to $30.8 million from $37.6 million

A ex-Playboy

The weak never forgive. Forgiveness is a virtue of the strong.”

The old Brazilian actor MaitĂȘ Proença showed to the world her real face, on a home made video that has now been showed.

This arrogant and rather dumb person is in many ocations a representative of the Brazilian people !!!

I wonder what she really is; maybe she is used to have strange fluids coming out her mouth... as in the video!!!

Perhaps she should go back to school and learn that in her country povity, crime , corruption is one of the highest in the world..

Call her what you wish, i have...

Falling Dollar...

Oil prices bounced back below $71 on Wednesday as the dollar fell to its lowest level against the euro in more than a year. The euro hit $1.4821 Tuesday, its highest level since September 2008.
Crude is priced in dollars so it becomes cheaper when the dollar falls. Some investors also use commodities such as oil and gold as a hedge against inflation and dollar weakness. The weaker dollar also pushed prices higher for gasoline, heating oil, gold and other commodities. If the dollar continues to get fall like this it will be a threat to the economic recovery, both in Europe and the US.
To combat the worst recession since the 1930s, the US Federal Reserve policy makers have kept interest rates at a record low -- near zero -- and started an assortment of programs designed to encourage borrowing. Critics have complained that the Fed appears to be printing money to pay for the government's spending binge, and that hurts the dollar.
The Fed is expected to keep interest rates low at its meeting this week. And to avoid unleashing inflation later, policymakers are likely to consider ways to rein in programs designed to keep mortgage rates down and get banks to lend more freely. Demand and consumption of crude remains weak with high unemployment and the economy pushing down demand to levels that go back to 2004 and 2005, the US weekly petroleum inventory report indicates that crude oil stocks, gasoline and distillates used to make heating oil and diesel fuel rose in the week ended Friday.
However Portugal continues to have one of the most expensive final consumer price for petrol in the world, the companies Galp, Cepsa, BP and Repsol have once more tried to fool the public by lowering the consumer price in some cases as little as ... 0,4 cents !!!!
This is ridiculous compared to the 3 cents or even 4 cents that they normally increase ... the prices are the same in all filling stations, this shows that in fact there is a monopoly in price fixing with the approvement of the government..

Prices for regular 95 Octane.. (23-09-2009)
Galp 1,274 euro
Cepsa 1,278 euro
BP 1,284 euro
Repsol 1,284 euro

The crude price for the motorist in Portugal is not $71 per barril but rather a staggering $107 per barril !!!


Please note these details may be subject to change THE NEWEST NATION IN EUROPE… PORTAXLAND This European Nation has so many t...