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Up or Down

At the moment we seem to have situation that is causing the crude price to float...well we can always count on the Iran...USA rest of the world situation to cause more stress on the world crude price..Lets wait a couple more hours and see...


Oil Rises on Signs of Supply Drop

Crude oil rose pulled higher by gasoline, on speculation that U.S. inventories of the motor fuel declined for a fourth week. Anther likely excuses…The crude-oil market often follows gasoline during the summer. ....
Crude oil for October delivery rose 88 cents, to $71.97 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange. Futures touched $72.05, the highest intraday price since Aug. 17. Prices are down 0.7 percent from a year ago.
The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, which produces about 40 percent of the world's oil, is set to meet Sept. 11 in Vienna to discuss production plans for the fourth quarterBrent crude oil for October settlement rose 36 cents, to $70.98 a barrel on the London-based ICE Futures exchange.
So as can be seen everything or anything can be used to increase final consumer prices…


Mint credit cards

My wife and i never leave home without our credit cards, we prefer this type of payment instead of money. They are very much handy, comfortable, stylish and secure to carry around than money. With credit cards you can shop in credit i.e. even if you don’t have money in your account. That’s one of the most beneficial thing that I found about credit cards. Anyways, there are many types of credit cards available. But the most attractive that I found is Mint Credit Cards.
credit card application
It offers a low interest credit card with a competitive introductory offer and a lot of benefits. There is up to £7,500 credit limit and you can even submit a credit card application online. So, folks what are you waiting for. Get a Mint Credit Card.


The hurricane

To all that read this blog and as mentioned in this same place last month the Brent price

Fell to a more acceptable price of around 68 dolars per barril…This according to analyst was due to the fact that the Hurricane Dean weakened to 85 mph as it plowed through the Mexican jungle on its way to the Bay of Campeche.

The hurricane, which killed at least 12 people across the Caribbean, picked up strength after brushing Jamaica and the Cayman Islands..

Petroleos Mexicanos, the state-owned oil company, evacuated almost 19,000 workers and ordered 437 offshore wells shut down.

Royal Dutch Shell Plc, Europe's biggest oil company, and Noble Corp., the forth-largest offshore oil and natural-gas driller, began returning workers to rigs in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico today so they can restart pumping and drilling. Most U.S. offshore oil and gas wells in the Gulf are off the coast of Louisiana, between Texas and Mississippi, north of Dean's path which is very good news…


Reproductive solutions

A couple of months back during the pregnancy of my wife we were constantly worried about whether her insurance would cover certain visits and procedures.

I wish they would have offered some type of Maternity Health Insurance 3 years ago!
Maternity Health Insurance

Now Reproductive access solutions.com specializes in offering Maternity Health Insurance to woman who are looking for benefits, financial aid, and educational information.

Hopefully, over the next few months I'll be looking up this information for myself!

Here's hoping!


Boarder into Spain

As can be seen on some post of this blog the CEO of Galp Energia is worried at the amount of
money the company looses due to various reasons one of them being that consumers whenever possible
go to petrol stations aross the boarder into Spain...were the petrol is AROUND 26 CENTS CHEAPER THAN IN PORTUGAL...
If these oil companies and goverment are worried then they should reduce the consumer price to acceptabole levels
such as the ones used in the rest of Europe, i am sure that their profits will continue to be same...



In our present situation here in Portugal were we continue to have one of the most expensive final consumer price for any petrol product in the world
and were the Tax imposed by the Goverment for crude based substances account for 14% of their budget ( petrol companies alone).
If we compare Portugal and Spain then we can see a huge difference,i.e.
The petrol we daily use in our cars is 26 cents more expensive in Portugal than in Spain ...

The diesel we use is also 22 cents more expensive in Portugal than in Spain.
According to the President of Galp Energia, Ferreira de Oliveira (the Nations biggest petrol company,Galp Energia ) they loose each year between 100 and 150 million litres of fuel due to the difference in taxes between both Nations.
The CEO Galp suggests that the taxes in Portugal should come closer to the ones practiced next door in Spain.


The Wizetrade Blog

All over the Net and using the latest technology available to most people, a trend has been created, and some of them are really great such as the latest trend of online business is to engage the market by starting a business blog. Wizetrade.com is one of those examples that use a blog to promote its stock trading software and online stock charting program.
The Wizetrade Blog
The Wizetrade Blog offers a powerful tool for its customers to conduct stock market analysis and easily identify potential entry and exit signals of any given stock. The Wizetrade Blog provides useful information on its product, the people behind it and any event updates that will be held through Wizetrade’s blog. Users can also find other interesting information, tips and tricks and the latest happening concerning security and their product.
If you are a car enthusiast, don’t forget to check out the customized Wizetrade skin on a Ferrari F430 Challenge at The Wizetrade Blog. It’s smokin’.


Crude oil fell for a second day due to the U.S. economic growth slowdown.
Any U.S. slowdown would cut demand for oil, while supply is increasing. OPEC oil production rose last month by the most since September 2004.
Crude oil for September delivery declined to $73.83 a barrel in after-hours electronic trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange. Prices have fallen 6 percent since reaching a record $78.77 on Aug.1....
Brent crude oil for September settlement dropped to $73.35 a barrel on the ICE Futures exchange.

The 10 members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries with production quotas, all except Angola and Iraq, increased output by 85,000 barrels to 26.595 million barrels a day, according to crude based oil survey.


The 10 countries, in an effort to maintain prices around $60, pledged to trim 1.7 million barrels a day in two rounds of cuts, one that started Nov. 1 and another that took effect Feb. 1. The 10 members pumped 27.5 million barrels a day in October.
So as mentioned the world is a ahostage to the black gold, every excuss is used by the oil companies and some goverments to keep the crude price at a level they desire...



All over the Northern hemisphere its summer time, so most people are or have already prepared their summer holiday, very soon I will leave my office and put this crazy week behind. The performance of stocks during this week was really amazing, everyday new records highs reached, with my profits raising at a fast pace, cool men, this market rocks !!!! Anyway, as I said before, forget markets and let’s write about vacations and JOURNEYS. Summer is now very closer and I decided to put my profits at work and APPLY in a deserved vacation with my family, to relax my brain and all stress that I have. Normally I appreciate a vacation in a good RESORTS/Hotels with all the best accommodations and services available at any time but at good prices, as an investor that I am, I always try to find the best deals in overall business even in vacations. Last night I think I found what I’m looking for, I have browsed over resort/motel reservations a website that put me in contact with the best places to stay in many countries at fantastic prices, like hotels, motels, resorts, vacations rentals etc. Vacations
It's difficult to imagine how this hotel room search engine could be more simple to use. Just click the link to the homepage where you type a city name and choose the corresponding country. In no time, a listing of local hotels (including information about individual accomodations) will be displayed. If you would prefer, you can also search using a map or with additional search criteria such as check-in date and listed discounts.
offers luxury hotel and resort accommodations to both business and pleasure travelers around the world.
Hotel Reservations
The most important to remenber is the fact that the prices are very compitative with excelent discounts
All over the globe.


Oil Falls

A small hope remains that the crude prices will invert for some time and remain around the $70.88 a barrel…. Lets hope so.

Crude oil fell the most in almost four months, on concern the U.S. economy will slow. Oil prices have dropped from the record $78.77 reached on Aug. 1 amid declines in U.S. stocks. Crude oil for September delivery declined, to $72.88 a barrel.

Brent crude oil for September dropped to $72.20 a barrel. OPEC Production Oil demand may decline as OPEC output rises. Production by the group climbed last month by the most since September 2004. OPEC ministers are scheduled to hold a conference on Sept. 11 in Vienna.. The group is unlikely to increase crude oil production before its scheduled meeting,


New crude record.

Crude oil fell slightly prompted by concerns that U.S. economic growth will slow.
Crude oil for September delivery fell to $75.83 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange.
New York oil touched $78.77 on Aug. 1, the highest since trading began in 1983…
Brent crude oil for September fell to $74.78 a barrel on the London-based ICE Futures exchange.
So for the summer time we are having higher fuel prices than ever before, so perhaps in September the world economy will feel another crises do to this situation.


Please note these details may be subject to change THE NEWEST NATION IN EUROPE… PORTAXLAND This European Nation has so many t...