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    The end is near..

    Portugal ... one of Europes oldest nation ,,, however, has one of Europes highest final consumer price for almost everything , including the price consumers pay for energy (gasoline/petrol), inflation, recession the economy, all in ruins... the government and energy companies like Galp, BP, Repsol and Cepsa are the cancer of Portugal.These companies continuously mislead the public, for the past week petrol prices at the pump have become cheaper ... 0,5 cents or 0.9 cents, ridiculous, when prices go up the opposite happens , they are increased never less than 2 cents per litre !!! , the consumer price should be 0,98€ per litre !!! (crude at 70$ per barril)95 Octane regular price per litre BP 1,289 € , the consumer price should be 1,010€ per litre !!! (crude at 70$ per barril)

    WorldWatch has received information that there is a civil movement entitled " NÃO AO VOTO" that has already support from various regions of Portugal and over Fourteen thousand supporters who have confirmed that their vote is not for sale.

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    written by ABSTRACTMIND @ 2:22 pm, ,


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    Undermined Economy

    According to WorldWatch the world recession is far from over, the latest market crude price drop of more than 12% is a clear indicator on how fragile any world crude increase may be.
    OPEC and other crude producers including governments should take measures to stabalize crude prices around $63 per barril or the consequence for producers , traders and speculators will be critical.
    Governments should also curtail internal crude companies to avoid inflated final consumer prices, if these measures are not adpoted there will be a decrease in crude demand of 8% by the end of the second quarter.
    There are several governments working with oil companies that continue to practice inflated consumer prices, such as...
    WorldWatch have made a significant economical analysis of the present financial and productive effort by one of Europe’s oldest economies ...Portugal
    Its with no surprise that the government lost the elections for the European parliament on the 07-06-2009, in just over two months time three will be general elections and this government will certainly once again loose.
    This prime minister has an arrogant and biased attitude but the real cause they will loose is the flagrant abuse of the petrol companies like Galp, BP, Repsol and Cepsa. With crude prices around the $60 per barril the price paid by consumers in Portugal is equivalent to $90 per barril !!!
    These companies have undertaken to increase on a weekly basis the final consumer price for petrol for the motorist, sometimes twice a week!!!
    This abuse has the approval of the government. The more the companies charge the more Tax the government makes.
    Portugal has one of the highest petrol consumer prices in the world, this alone will further undermine the economy as the recession will worsen and demand for petrol will decrease by further7%
    Consumer confidence will reach an all time low, “the population now have the opportunity to choose a new government, one that works for the people and not the petrol companies".
    It has been suggested by some sectors of the economy that the best way to avoid these corrupt public servants is a total boycott of any election, until this situation is solved and the petrol consumer prices return to acceptable values.
    WorldWatch has received information that there is a civil movement entitled " NÃO AO VOTO" that has already support from various regions of Portugal and over ten thousand supporters who have confirmed that their vote is not for sale.
    This explains why over 65% of the voters did not vote in the last elections for the European parliament, we interviewed in Lisbon some Portuguese and the
    disappointment was the same as expressed by Mr. Santos a public servant " we are tired of the whole Socrates attitude, Galp and others keep increasing the petrol, every week, up, up, up, this must stop now, they all increase at the same time, the same amount, this is outrageous"

    If Socrates and company want to remain in power then a positive attitude must be taken regarding the petrol companies Galp, BP, Repsol and Cepsa.

    WorldWatch Analyst..Klipriver

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    written by ABSTRACTMIND @ 2:15 pm, ,



    written by ABSTRACTMIND @ 2:44 am, ,

    Tribute to Michael Jackson

    Michael Jackson was unquestionably the biggest pop star of the 1980s, and certainly one of the most popular recording artists of all time.

    Readers of this blog shared their tributes and memories of the "King of Pop."

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    written by ABSTRACTMIND @ 12:14 pm, ,

    Tamiflu for the treatment of Swine Flu

    As I watch the news it comes to my attention the pandemic illness today that attack everywhere in the world which is the Swine Flu. This kind of illness is very contagious virus that easily spread from person to person. People can have this kind of virus through air spread when the affected person sneezes.
    Be aware of your immune system so that the virus cant attack your health. If accidentally you are one of the Swine Flu patient Tamiflu is the best medicine for it.
    Offered by PrimaMed they are a leading online consultation service. They offer safe and convenient,discreet method of ordering medication online. They offer genuine and branded medicine that surely protect your safety.

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