Biggest Weekly Jump Since 1975

Commodities headed for their biggest weekly gain in 33 years as oil rose for a third day and a weakening dollar revived demand for raw materials as alternative assets.
Commodities also gained today on speculation demand will increase from China as the country resumes work at factories and infrastructure projects that were shut or slowed during the Olympics, which end Aug. 24.


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Free Tibet Campaign

WorldWatch has seen the statement of the Free Tibet Campaign that strongly condemns the use of force by the Chinese authorities in their attempts to put down protests by Tibetans in Lhasa and elsewhere in Tibet. Independent eyewitness accounts have verified the use of force to suppress peaceful demonstration led by Tibetan monks.
The Dalai Lama has made a statement calling on the Chinese leadership "to stop using force and address the long-simmering resentment of the Tibetan people". The protests result from the resentment felt deeply by the Tibetan people at decades of state repression of Tibetan Buddhism and the systematic policy of encouraging ever-increasing numbers of Han Chinese to migrate on to the Tibetan Plateau which has marginalised Tibetans in their own homeland. Free Tibet Campaign welcomes calls for restraint made on the Chinese government by the British, American and other national governments and the EU and calls on other governments to make similar calls on the Chinese leadership.


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Galp company (Portugal) Founded on 22 April 1999 as GALP – Petróleos e Gás de Portugal SGPS, S.A
the only refiner and the leading distributor of oil products in Portugal, and GDP - Gás de Portugal, SGPS, S.A.
Due to this companies attitude and policy Portugal has one of the highest final consumer price for any oil product (diesel /regular) in the world.
The company has a policy that every time the price of crude in the international market increases the price paid at the pump by the motorist is agravated by +/- 3 cents per litre..
Nymex crude is down about $33, or 22 percent, from its high of $147.27 on July 11, however this same company
only reduced oil prices by half a cent or as was the case today (13-08-2008) one cent !!!

In London, Brent crude for September was priced at $111.91 a barrel, but motorists in Portugal are paying this same crude priced over $140.00 a barrel !!!

These inflated prices have the approval of the government and other oil companies such as BP and Repsol, these companies practice the same consumer prices all the time..and of course the higher the oil price the more revenue for the government....Oil consumption in Portugal this year has dropped more than 8% and all tendencies indicate that it will continue and pass 11% !!!
Galp is Portugal's leading integrated oil and natural gas group, with a growing presence in Spain and a developing power business ...BUT THE FINAL CONSUMERS ARE THE ONES PAYING FOR THE COMPANIES EXPLOITS..



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Euro Falls the Most in 4 Years

The euro fell the most in more than four years against the dollar as traders pared bets the European Central Bank will raise interest rates as the economy slows mostly due to inflated crude prices..

The euro is poised for its biggest weekly loss since January 2005 after ECB President Jean-Claude Trichet yesterday said economic growth will be ``particularly weak'' through the third quarter.

This is the beginning of a new chapter for the dollar as Trichet and other central banks are paying more attention to the downside risk to growth,The decline of oil prices is a significant driver behind this dollar rally because it enables other central banks to turn their eyes away from inflation and focus on growth.

The South African rand led losses among the most-traded currencies as the prices of gold and platinum dropped, reducing prospects for export earnings from the country's biggest exports.

The Russian ruble fell by the most in 2 1/2 years against a dollar-euro basket used by the government after Georgia's Interior Ministry said four Russian fighter-jets entered Georgian airspace and bombed the towns of Gori and Kareli, boosting the risk of war.

The pound fell below $1.93 for the first time since March 2007 as the Bank of England kept its main interest rate steady at 5 percent yesterday after inflation accelerated and the economy teetered on the brink of a recession.

The dollar may rise to $1.4970 per euro in the next few days....


The Strait of Hormuz

Crude oil fell to $118 a barrel on speculation Tropical Storm Edouard won't damage U.S. Gulf facilities and as concern economic growth in Europe and the US will slow prompted investors to sell commodities.

Oil dropped to its lowest since May 5 as Edouard's sub- hurricane wind speeds eased concern that offshore and platforms would be damaged by the storm.

Very little oil production has been shut in by Tropical Storm Edouard, gasoline stocks in the US are high enough to limit any crisis from refinery shutdowns, so the market's returning its attention to the weak demand picture.

Crude oil for September delivery fell as much as $3.41, or 2.8 percent, to $118 a barrel in electronic trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange. The contract traded at $118.95 at 10:27 a.m. London time. Brent crude for September settlement fell as much as $3.77, or 3.1 percent, to $116.91 a barrel on London's ICE Futures Europe exchange, and was at $118.28 at 10:24 a.m. London time.

Oil has lost almost $30 since touching a record of $147.27 a barrel in New York on July 11 as unprecedented fuel costs prompted consumers in Europe and the US to limit fuel spending.
The dollar rose to a six-week high against the euro before a Federal Reserve meeting today at which policy makers may leave interest rates on hold and highlight concern about inflation. The dollar traded at $1.5494 per euro, the strongest level since June 24.

Demand destruction seems to be gaining some credibility and traction. News about Iran testing a new anti-ship weapon this weekend and the storm would have had the market up $5 three months ago. The fact that it hasn't does indicate some shift in psychology..The commander of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, Brigadier General Mohammad-Ali Ja'fari, announced the weapons test today on state-run news services. He also reiterated a warning that Iran could respond to any attack by closing the Strait of Hormuz, through which a quarter of the world's oil is exported.

This attitude by Iran cannot and will not be tolerated by any Western and Middle East powers...any move to block the Strait of Hormuz is pure speculation...
World crude demand will continue to fall and by the end of summer there will be another 3% decline in crude demand...the demand will only reach normall values when the crude price reaches and stays below $100 a barril...


Crude oil rallied

Crude oil rallied more than $4 a barrel after speculation by Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Shaul Mofaz that Iran is on a path toward a ``major breakthrough'' in its nuclear program.

The comments by Mofaz, seen as one of the candidates for Israeli prime minister after Ehud Olmert said he wouldn't run for re-election, fueled speculation that the U.S. or Israel may attack Iran, OPEC's second-biggest oil producer.
Oil Rises $4 on Israeli Comments About Iranian Nuclear Program …

Crude oil for September delivery rose $4.10, or 3.4 percent, to $128.26 a barrel at 10:22 a.m. on the New York Mercantile Exchange.


Please note these details may be subject to change THE NEWEST NATION IN EUROPE… PORTAXLAND This European Nation has so many t...