Medtronic recall

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People need to know that it has caused the death of five patients who’s had that implant and he’s worried that he might be another victim of the defect.
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Royal Dutch Shell

News reports have mentioned that Royal Dutch Shell Plc may spend $2.5 billion on a natural gas plant in southern Iraq to meet energy demand in the Middle East, some economies in this region are growing 5.9 percent a year !!!
Shell met with Iraqi officials in The Hague last week to propose building a pipeline that would link the Basrah region to a new facility on the country's coast, the person said. Shell would also build a facility that could freeze 16 million cubic meters of gas a day and ship it to Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates, the Gulf Arab states need extra sources of gas one way or another. Gas demand in the Persian Gulf grew 28 percent from 2003 to 2006 as the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia developed steel, aluminum and chemical industries to curb their reliance on crude oil exports. Shell, based in The Hague, needs new energy sources after oil and gas production fell 14 percent in four years.

News reports have also mentioned Iraq had 3.17 trillion cubic meters of gas in reserves at the end of 2006, according to estimates by BP Plc. The proposed project's daily output would be enough to supply about 14 percent of the U.A.E.'s demand, the BP figures show. Abu Dhabi National Energy Co., a state-run utility in one of the country's seven sheikdoms, plans to expand its power capacity by 78 percent, to 16,000 megawatts, over five years.

Middle East gas consumption has grown faster in the past decade than in the U.S., Europe and Asia, according to BP. Use of the fuel in the region almost doubled to 289 billion cubic meters annually in the 10 years through 2006. Prices for Algerian LNG tripled in the five years through Sept. 30, therefore a new Gas producing country is more than welcome to curtail prices...

Two Trillion Barrels

The Green River Shale Formation encompassing the States of Colorado, Utah and Wyoming was first discovered in 1924.
This famous shale formation covers tens of thousands of square miles. It is found in three different ancient lake basins. The layers of sediment in this formation stretch undisturbed for many miles.

This shale is a soft sedimentary rock that readily fractures into layers, composed of minute particles of clay, which may easily be removed. It was formed from multi layers through erosion. There are 40 million layers in one part of this formation.
Deposits within these layers are fossilized plant, animal life and algae, which has turned over millions of years into kerogen..so do we have more crude or not...thats the question.. some say we have ...Two Trillion Barrels ...

Miami Heat Tickets

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Chinese oil

That the Chinese used oil from natural seeps as fuel to boil salt brine into salt. Initially bamboo was pounded vertically into oil containing seeps and removed by suction. With time this led to drilling for oil, as they needed to penetrate deeper and deeper into oil containing underground seeps.
In 347 AD oil wells were drilled in China up to 800 feet deep using bits attached to bamboo poles. Connecting lengths of bamboo to carry oil to their salt brine work sites; they were the first to invent an elementary oil pipeline.

Forecasts for 2008

According to economic expert’s forecasts, 2008 will witness oil price surging to a new price level, representing a record high over the same period of previous years, in other words SPECULATION will continue to be the main driving force behind crude prices.
Two other major factors controlling the market are the law of supply and demand and political instability in key oil exporting countries...

Oil demand skyrocketed in 2007 while supply could not keep pace. This is the main reason pushing the oil price up. According to economic experts, in developed industrial countries such the US, Japan, and Western Europe,China and India, although economic growth slowed down, demand still increased.
However, reviewing the sources, OPEC currently accounts for one third of total oil worldwide. Thus, OPEC by itself cannot effectively stabilize the market in a critical situation.

Other factors influencing energy prices were the West's standoff with Iran over its nuclear program, attacks by Nigerian rebels on that oil-rich nation's crude infrastructure and Turkish attacks on Kurdish rebels in northern Iraq, which sparked concerns that the rebels would retaliate by attacking an oil pipeline.
So in Portugal we probably will continue to have one of the most expensive ( petrol/gas) final consumer price per litre in the world , here the word S P E C U L A T I O N rules, governments , and oil companies use daily to manipulate prices ... always in a upward trend.
For every litre of fuel a the petrol pump we pay 1,369€ ( REF. 95 octane ) 75% of the price is taxes ... ridicules but real... Every week we face a increase in the consumer price, no explanation is given, there is a total lack of respect between the government, oil companies and the population in general...,


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Who are the winners and losers from costly oil?

Taking inflation into account, prices are still below levels seen in late 1980, when a barrel of oil - in today's prices - was worth more than $101.
Back then, costly oil helped contribute to a recession in the US and similar fears are resurfacing now.
The Bush administration has said it is "very concerned" about current price levels, at a time when the economy is already expected to slow significantly next year.
High energy prices make life more expensive for consumers and businesses, making spending in other areas of the economy more difficult.
Gasoline prices are hovering not far below the $3-a-gallon mark in the US, while UK petrol retailers have warned prices could soon rise above £1 a litre while in Portugal thre is a weekly fluctuation on a upward trend and at the moment the cheapest we have is 95 Octane at 1€369cents, one of the most expensive in the world..!!!
But on the other hand, oil companies such as ExxonMobil and BP,Galp,Shell,Repsol are having a wonderful time, while oil-rich countries are also smiling.
Oil wealth has underpinned President Hugo Chavez's efforts to reshape Venezuela, allowing him to fund extensive social programmes and reject US criticism of his policies, now this country is over 95 % dependent on crude exports.
Russia's oil and gas bonanza has underwritten efforts by President Vladimir Putin to exert state control over the country's energy sector.

Las Vegas Shows

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World Watch reported oil futures fell Thursday, slipping below $90 at times and reversing five days of gains on renewed recession worries sparked by dismal government reports on consumer spending and employment in the US.
A sharp downturn in the stock market on concerns about the economy and that municipal and corporate bond insurers may face debt downgrades also weighed on energy prices.
It’s the economic reports or better known as SPECULATION that are causing a lot of pressure (on prices) right now !!!
Light, sweet crude for March delivery fell $2.45 to $89.88 on the New York Mercantil Exchange.
Through Wednesday, oil prices had risen $5.34 a barrel, or 6.1 percent, over five trading days on optimism that the Federal Reserve’s rate cuts and an economic stimulus package working its way through Congress will stave off a serious downturn. But many investors doubt the plans will work.
Stocks, meanwhile, slid Thursday on the economic news and after bond insurer MBIA Inc. reported a large loss, raising the prospect of a round of downgrades in the bond insurance industry. Energy investors often view stocks as a proxy for economic growth, worrying that if the economy slows, demand for oil and gasoline will shrink.
So for now we have a pretty strong tie-in between movements of the oil market and the equities markets !!!
Energy investors also continued to digest Wednesday’s Energy Department report showing that crude oil and gasoline inventories jumped more than expected last week, they are at their highest levels in nearly two years.
Demand for crude fell last week, and many observers expect further demand deterioration as the US economy slows.
In London, Brent crude futures lost $2 to $90.53 a barrel on the ICE Futures exchange.
Oil traders are also awaiting Friday’s OPEC meeting at which Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries ministers are expected to hold production steady.
In London, Brent crude futures lost $2 to $90.53 a barrel on the ICE Futures exchange.

Doom Day

The world is reaching closer to ‘peak oil’ with each passing day. Analysts predict the inevitable to come with this century. Present measures taken, the future consumption of petroleum in America may drop and possibly even decrease, but are biofuels really the key to the solution?
European countries have already made a switch to biofuels and are beginning to feel the effects and complications. While it hasn’t resulted in direct food shortages, biodiesel is already causing shortages of vegetable oils.
Will countries like China and India follow this trend in energy conversion? It is difficult to imagine any country with enormous population would make such a move. This conversion could result in massive world food shortages as never experienced. Both countries realize this and are pursuing aggressive oil exploration.

Call Center VoIP Phone Systems'

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WorldWatch checked daily charts and verified world oil prices fell more than a dollar in Asia on Thursday despite another fresh US interest rate cut and after OPEC hinted it will not raise output.Opec are once more using SPECULATION to try and keep prices above $90...
In early morning trade, New York's main contract, light sweet crude for delivery in March, was $1.15 lower at $91.18 a barrel.
The contract gained 69 cents to close at $92.33 per barrel in floor trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange on Wednesday.
Brent North Sea crude for March delivery rose 53 cents to settle at $92.53 in London on Wednesday.
New York prices had initially fallen below $92 on news that US crude stockpiles rose for a third successive week, but then gained after the US Federal Reserve slashed a half-point from its key interest rate to ward off recessionary risks in the US economy, the world's biggest energy consumer.
But the action by the Fed, the United States central bank, came hours after the US government reported that economic growth plunged a steeper than expected 0.6 per cent in the 2007 fourth quarter, down from a robust 4.9 per cent pace in the third quarter.
Analysts said the number, the weakest pace of growth since the 2002 fourth quarter, could be bad for future oil demand and prices.
Any momentum looks to be tempered by the weak GDP number, a rate cut should help mitigate the economic slowing worries and brighten the outlook for energy demand."
Ministers from the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) have gathered in Vienna ahead of a meeting on Friday at which the oil-producing cartel is expected to maintain its output quotas.

If OPEC maintain this policy then they too will suffer...there will be less demand for crude and we will see more and more
alternative energy sources...which will be great for the world...we will be less dependent on crude.!!!

Iranian Oil Bourse Opening

The Iranian Oil Bourse establishing Euro-based pricing of oil is set to open on February 19th 2008 and could have devastating effects on the US dollar.
Currently all three major oil markets (WTI, NYMEX, IPE) trade barrels of oil in US dollars. Consequently any country buying oil needs dollars to pay for it. This enables the US Federal Reserve to issue huge volumes of dollars to meet increasing demand for oil. In return oil producing nations invest dollar proceeds in US treasury bills, allowing for the current US budget deficit.
But this balance may become unsettled after a fourth major oil market opens this month, trading in Euros: the Iranian Oil Bourse (IOB).

Having the world's second largest oil reserves of 136 gigabarrels, Iran will likely extend its influence on financial markets when the IOB opens. Although under-reported by the media, this historical shift and its consequences should be watched closely.


baby shops

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What is Opec doing about the demand

As the leading oil supplier in the world, producers' cartel Opec is under constant pressure to do something about the price bubble, however they are also reponsable for part of SPECULATION...
They recently bowed to pressure to pump more oil, agreeing to raise its production quotas by 500,000 barrels a day from 1 November.
Reports suggest the move was forced through by Saudi Arabia and that few other Opec members either have much stomach for increasing output or much capacity to spare.
Opec has said the market is "very well supplied" with crude and will continue to be so in the immediate future.
It has blamed speculation by market traders - who can make money by betting on the future direction of prices - for the continuing price rises.

Critics of Opec say it must act more aggressively to bring prices down.
The response from Opec has been pretty poor so far, the sentiment in the market is that it is time for Opec to increase production again..this might happen during next meeting Feb 1st 08.

Crude Alternatives

Some American environmentalists believe that it is possible to make a complete switch from crude oil to alternatives by 2050. This is very unrealistic as crude oil provides us with more than just a form of energy. It is a raw source of chemicals for manufacturing drugs, plastics, chemicals, and fabrics.
So what is the realistic solution with the arrival of peak oil? Canada, USA, and Venezuela sit on more unconventional oil than all historical conventional crude and present reserves that are available. Peak oil does not mean an abrupt end to oil. It does mean that demand of conventional oil will exceed supplies of conventional crude. This spells the end to cheap crude.
Extracting oil out of America’s huge oil shale deposits is once again drawing attention. It will be successful as new technology comes on stream. With higher crude prices there will be decent returns in revenue. It will inspire more interest and new ideas. Oil companies’ attention will once again be drawn to this area.

This is the era for non-conventional oils. Needs, economics and unrealistic alternatives will make us realize that the world can adapt to and meet these challenges. Non-conventional supplies of crude oil will play an important role in the generations to come


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Will demand for oil continuing to soar?

Yes. The biggest catalyst for oil's rise has been the simplest of words SPECULATION ... and now we have the balance between demand and supply.
Demand is at an all-time high, fuelled by the continued breakneck economic expansion of the Indian and Chinese economies.
With more than a billion people in each country, and both economies growing fast,manufacturers and consumers are sucking in energy at an ever-increasing rate. China's booming economy is sucking in a huge amount of oil

China overtook Japan as the world's second-largest consumer of oil in 2003 and is closing in on the US, with demand for oil growing at about 15% a year.
Analysts worry global demand for oil is so intense that supplies may not keep pace.
Demand will rise by an average of 2.2 million barrels a day next year, the International Energy Agency says, compared with the 1.5 million-barrel rise seen in 2007.

It says annual demand will rise 2% up to 2012, while other projections suggest demand could soar from about 90 million barrels a day to as much as 140 million over 25 years.


Masters Degree

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China's Snowstorms

Weather reports have confirmed China's heaviest snowstorms in five decades...these storms crushed homes, grounded flights, disrupted electricity and left hundreds of thousands of travelers stranded, a week before millions take to the roads for Lunar New Year holidays.
As many as 5 percent of China's coal-fired power plants, which generate 78 percent of electricity were shut because snow hampered coal shipments Zhuzhou Smelter Group Co., China's largest zinc refiner, said shortages forced it to cut production.

More than a foot (34 centimeters) of snow fell yesterday in Nanjing in the east, the city's heaviest in 50 years, halting air and rail service, in turn delaying a third of ensuing flights in Beijing and Shanghai and throwing national train service into chaos. Military police kept order at the Beijing railway station today, where 400,000 passengers were stranded.
China faces a very severe situation in ensuring supplies of coal, electricity, oil and transportation,the inventory of thermal coal fell due to a combination of energy demand, massive snowstorms and the annual peak Lunar New Year traffic. Early holidays at some coal mines also contributed to the shortage of the fuel.

The Chinese Lunar New Year holiday runs Feb. 6 to Feb. 12 this year. Travelers will probably make a record 2.17 billion journeys during the period, according to the government. Energy shortages and transportation bottlenecks are likely to aggravate inflation pressures in China in the short term.
The shortage is close to 39.9 million kilowatt hours, The main cause is the shortage of coal.
Also power lines linking the Three Gorges hydroelectric dam in central China's Hubei province to Shanghai were damaged in snowstorms.Snow delayed as many as 35 percent of flights from two airports in Shanghai, China's financial hub.

Due to this we will probaly face another crude increase as SPECULATION will use this Chinese internal energy problem to inflate the
crude prices...or maybe not..

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South African mines shut

The unthikable has happened AngloGold Ashanti Ltd., Gold Fields Ltd. and Anglo Platinum Ltd. shut their South African mines as the nation's power shortage worsened, threatening growth and investment in Africas biggest economy.
Eskom Holdings Ltd. told mining companies it couldn't guarantee power today, prompting AngloGold and Gold Fields to stop underground operations on concern outages might trap miners. Anglo Platinum and Impala Platinum Holdings Ltd., the world's biggest platinum producers, also shut most mines. Their shares dropped and precious metals rose to a record.
Power is like oxygen, for any modern economy, and Eskom, which supplies 95 percent of the country's power, can't meet demand after the government delayed a decision on expansion by four years to 2004.
AngloGold dropped as much as 8 percent in Johannesburg trading and was 5.4 percent down at 297 rand at 10:28 a.m. local time. Gold Fields, Africa's second-biggest producer, declined 5 percent to 112 rand. Anglo Platinum dropped 1 percent to 960 rand while Impala lost 1.6 percent to 244 rand.
South Africa is the world's biggest platinum producer and ranks second, after China, for gold output, so this is very negative for the industry and for the country, It will affect the economy across all industries.
Eskom sent a request to 138 industrial customers yesterday to cut electricity use, the request followed an unprecedented number of power cuts yesterday. According to Eskom power cuts are expected to last until at least 2013!!!
The decision to keep underground workers on the surface will have an impact on productivity as well as on operating costs, it is not clear when the workers will resume their underground shifts.

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Crude oil futures

Crude oil futures fell once more on forecasts U.S. inventories rose for a second week amid mounting concerns of an economic slowdown in the world's biggest energy user.
An Energy Department report today may show U.S. crude- oil and fuel stockpiles gained in the week ended Jan. 18...The U.S. Federal Reserve made an emergency interest rate cut yesterday, citing ``downside risks'' to growth.
As the recession bites there will be more cuts in demand, there will probably be more economic bad news from the U.S. to offset any shot-in-the-arm from yesterday's rate cut.''
Crude oil for March delivery fell to $87.53 a barrel in electronic trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange, having slumped to $85.42 before the U.S. Federal Reserve cut interest rates.
Oil has fallen 12 percent since reaching a record $100.09 a barrel on Jan. 3 on concerns that faltering global economies, SPECULATION by oil producers, governments and oil companies will weaken demand growth.
Brent crude for March settlement fell to $86.96 a barrel on London's ICE Futures Europe exchange.
WorldWatch has seen that the move by the Federal Reserve was not able to really calm down fears of a recession, if the cut succeeds in stimulating the economy enough, the move may eventually support oil demand.
Oil demand is expected to fall in the second quarter as refineries shut for annual maintenance after the Northern Hemisphere's winter..
Less than two weeks before the 13-member Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries meets to study output policy on Feb. 1, however ther are rumors that oil markets are well supplied and there is no shortage...

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Oil shale crude

In the middle of all this market crises..some "Did you know"..

Oil shale crude is actually composed of kerogen. It is a waxy organic substance that was formed from algae, plants, vegetation, and all forms of animal life. Through millions of years, covered in layers of sediment, and subjected to very high pressures a transformation occurred resulting into a form of non-conventional crude oil embedded in layers of sediment. When subjected to very high temperatures it converts into various liquid and gas hydrocarbons. Kerogen can be refined like regular high quality light crude oil.

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Commodity Markets

Oil led a drop across commodity markets as gold and copper fell on concern slower economic growth will curb demand for energy and metals.
Asian and European stock markets fell the most since September 2001...These kind of declines are unprecedented so there is a lot of nervousness in the market so the outlook is for oil to continue to come down.
Crude oil for February delivery fell to $84.64 a barrel, the lowest since Dec. 6, on the New York Mercantile Exchange.
Brent crude for March settlement declined to $85 a barrel on the ICE Futures Europe exchange.

There are risks to U.S. demand, but they will be offset by growth in China and India and also once we get out of this peak demand period then perhaps oil is likely to trade between $85 and $90 a barrel in the coming weeks..
We will continue to see stock markets in a downward trend and as predicted the US economy ever deeper in recession...


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Equities Tumble on U.S. Recession

As WorldWatch mentioned before crude oil fell to a one-month low as major stock markets fell in Asia and Europe on concern the U.S. will lead a global economic recession. Slower growth will cut demand for energy and metals, You will see an effect on demand on the first half of the year..

Oil, down more than 11 percent from its $100.09 a barrel record on Jan. 3, led a decline across commodities markets as gold and copper also fell.
Crude oil for February delivery declined to $88.67 a barrel in electronic trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange. That's the lowest since Dec. 12.

The more active March contract fell to $88.43 a barrel at 1:50 p.m. London time.

Brent crude for March settlement fell to $87.55 a barrel on the ICE Futures Europe exchange. The contract traded at $87.96 in London at 1:51 p.m. local time.
OPEC, the producer of more than 40 percent of the world's oil, hasn't yet made a decision on whether to raise output at its Feb. 1 meeting,

With all this activity, here in Portugal the final consumer price, continues very high, ther are no signs of a reduction in prices at the pump for consumers, we have prices that reflect the crude price of Jan. 3,$100.09 a barrel...

Both government and Oil companies all they want are higher profits at the expence of the consumer....



OPEC officials lined up to say the exporter group can do little to tame oil prices... and world markets had enough crude oil.This is pure SPECULATION on part of the OPEC group, all it took was a visit by Busch and some "gifts" for some OPEC members to change their mind... The comments underline the view of the producer group that factors other than supply are driving oil's record run..SPECULATION...so in next OPEC meeting scheduled February 1 there will be a production increase.
I think the main problem is outside the oil market. Too much liquidity is available,a big part of it is in the paper market of crude oil.
OPEC, source of more than a third of the world's oil, decided to keep oil output steady at a December 5 meeting, rebuffing calls from consumer countries for more supply to rein in prices then trading around $90.

The 13-member OPEC holds its next meeting on February 1 in Vienna, some in the group share consumer concerns about the impact of high energy costs on economic growth as the
U.S. slowdown threatens to spill over into the global economy. If it filters down to consumers, it will affect demand in the long term. It will cause inflation so OPEC members beware the US has entered a recession, so its time the crude price dropped to around the $84 a barril..at least..
Indonesia, with limited influence on OPEC policy as one of the group's smallest producers and a net oil importer, was alone so far in suggesting that the group could raise output.
The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries has no wish to tame the price rise because some of them depend almost 100% on crude exports as is the case with Venezuela...
Speculation has been very strong. It's a game for speculators and some western Governments and oil companies such as Portugal and the oil company Galp,BP,Repsol that maintain this country with one of the worlds highest consumer oil prices...demand will be affected and everyone will suffer..

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Crude Oil Futures Drop

Crude oil fell in New York after a U.S. government report showed U.S. retail sales unexpectedly declined last month and Saudi Arabia's oil minister said OPEC is ready to increase production. Was this the influence of Bush..
Saudi Oil Minister Ali al-Naimi said the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries will raise supply, if justified, after President George W. Bush urged an increase.
This means tighter spending for the US and the inability of people to pay $100 for crude oil and $3.50' a gallon for gasoline,or as in Portugal
1€409 per litre ( 95 octane).
The world's biggest oil user the US purchases at gasoline service stations dropped 1.7 percent in December ...
Important news for Europe is that Brent crude for February settlement, due to expire today (16-01), fell to $90.98 a barrel, on London's ICE Futures Europe exchange, however in Portugal the average pump price is 1€409 per litre ( 95 octane) one of the most expensive in the world...
A U.S. Energy Department report today will probably show that crude oil inventories gained 1.25 million barrels last week, this increase will be the first gain in supplies in nine weeks, this means that crude prices per barril may continue in a downward trend.
Bets that February crude oil will fall below $90 a barrel were the most actively traded options contracts on the Nymex yesterday.



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U.S. President G. W. Bush

U.S. President G. W. Bush, on his first visit to Saudi Arabia, urged the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries ahead of its Feb. 1 meeting to pump more oil in an effort to lower crude prices. If the worlds biggest economy reduce the oil consumption then we will have lower crude prices...
Crude oil for February delivery was $94.17 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange. New York futures have fallen 5.9 percent from the record $100.09 a barrel reached on Jan. 3.
Stocks in the U.S. have fallen three straight weeks and posted their worst start to a year since 1991, the US may already be in a recession.
The world economy faces its worst recession due to the energy prices..however a big part of the dilemma is SPECULATION.. from oil producers,governments,car producers and so on .... the oil exporters group said Jan. 5 that the market has sufficient crude !!! during the next meeting in February will OPEC change its position, will they continue to use SPECULATION as a driving force to keep prices as they are???



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WorldWatch reported oil held steady on Thursday, as a rise in U.S. fuel stocks countered a fall in crude, while fears over supply disruptions due to Rising geopolitical tensions in the Middle East, Nigeria and Iran were balanced by the dim outlook for the world's largest economy as it slips into a recession amid rising unemployment figures and a contraction in the economy for the fourth quarter.

U.S. crude was down $1.76 at $93.91 a barrel by 1453 GMT, off lows of $93.30, but adding to losses of 66 cents a day earlier. London Brent crude shed $1.67 cents to $92.70.

The market is pretty mixed right now. It's a fine balance between bullish and bearish factors and most players seem to be waiting for some firm direction.
On Thursday signs of a slowdown emerged in the Euro zone as well, as data showed industry suffered a setback in November with French and Spanish production mirroring a decline already seen in German industrial production.

U.S. President George W. Bush warned of "serious consequences" after Iranian boats made aggressive manoeuvres towards three American naval ships in the Straits of Hormuz, a major oil shipping route. Iran accused Washington of trying to stir up tension in the region.
In Nigeria, unknown gunmen attacked six oil industry vessels on the channel leading to the country's largest oil and gas complex on Bonny Island, after warnings a day earlier that militants were targetting a major offensive at its oil infrastructure.

As can be seen the London Brent crude shed $1.67 cents to $92.70 but the local market in Portugal the consumers are paying the crude not at $92.70 but rather at $100,00...this situation is affecting every aspect of life .



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95 octane 1€409

We all face the situation were the energy prices that the public pay have in some cases gone beyond any reasonable reason...as a example i will use PORTUGAL ...

PORTUGAL situated next to SPAIN... has all the BAD economic examples that should not be followed by any government.
PORTUGAL is in the top five nations with the highest petrol prices. ( 95 octane 1€409)
PORTUGAL there are Taxes for everything, we pay Tax on Tax...
PORTUGAL the politicians ,banks and most companies are corrupt...
PORTUGAL unemployment is one of the highest in Europe...
PORTUGAL social and medical care are one of the worst in Europe...

But one of the worst situations is the fact that the final petrol price paid at the pump (gas station) keeps changing on a upward movement every week without any warning or explanation.
Consumer goods including bread have increased up to 30%..this year alone... so if you thinking of visiting Portugal...you are welcome... but bring along a bicycle...any other means of travel is too expensive, but if you must use a car then avoid the petrol stations such as Galp,BP,Repsol, these companies all practice same inflated petrol prices..

The oil companies have been requested to reply as to why we have such inflated petrol prices but the only reply we obtain is SILENCE.
The international crude situation is quite dramatic with all the regional conflicts and SPECULATION playing a major part...so we don't need a inflationary government ..what we need is cheaper petrol prices...



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Crude Oil Forecasts

The fastest-growing concern for the everyday user of the automobile is the international market crude price .... now that the barrel has reached the $100 mark ...oil producers and companies,investors and so on will no doubt want to keep the price as high as they are, for that purpose they will use SPECULATION as the driving force ...
We can already witness S P E C U L A T I O N at its best as options to buy oil for $200 on the New York Mercantile Exchange rose 10-fold in the past two months !!!

The contracts, the cheapest way to speculate in energy markets, appreciated 36 percent since early December as crude futures reached a record $100.09 on Jan. 3.
Saudi Arabia, the world's largest exporter, said last week that the 500,000 barrel-a-day Khursaniyah oilfield missed a December start date !!!

Brazil's Tupi field, the second-largest find of the past two decades, lies more than eight kilometers (five miles) below the ocean surface and will take at least five years to develop. !!!
Petroleos Mexicanos, Mexico's state oil monopoly, suffered a three-year, 40 percent decline at its Cantarell field, the world's third-largest !!!

Fighting in Nigeria reduced production 11 percent since December 2005 !!!
According to OPEC, there is enough oil in the market rising prices aren't OPEC's fault. The group is scheduled to meet Feb. 1.

Even the assessment from OPEC suggests prices will rise ... they also use SPECULATION as the driving force !!!

However all this SPECULATION will prove to be useless as Oil is overpriced and the U.S. economy, the world's largest, will slip into recession this year. The jobless rate rose to 5 percent in December, the highest in two years. The Institute for Supply Management's factory index fell to the lowest level in almost five years in December.
Lets all do what we can to force the crude prices down, be it in Europe,America,Asia or downunder we all face the same situation ...Oil is overpriced and we pay the bill ....


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A True Story

How strange these real happenings are...the US Department of Energy (DOE) "Annual Energy Outlook, 2007" was for crude oil prices to be around $57 per barrel and as you know we closed 2007 at over $95, so needless to say, the DOE was way off the mark on that one.Being unable to predict oil prices is disappointing, to say the least, when you employ 16,000 federal employees to do just that and are funded with $23.4 billion of taxpayer money .
Shows how useless some Government institutions are...makes one wonder why SPECULATION exists..


In Portugal we have one of the most expensive ( petrol/gas) final consumer price per litre in the world , here the word S P E C U L A T I O N rules, governments , and oil companies use daily to manipulate prices ... always in a upward trend.
For every litre of fuel a the petrol pump we pay 1,386€ ( REF. 95 octane ) 75% of the price is taxes ... ridicules but real... Every week we face a increase in the consumer price, no explanation is given, there is a total lack of respect between the government, oil companies and the population in general...,

The dollar's 11 percent slide last year against the euro helped boost oil prices because it made commodities cheaper for buyers outside the U.S, but in Portugal this is not the case...in fact the reverse has happened... prices have continued to go up...

The national company ( GALP ) is the major culprit in this situation, they are always the first to increase the price followed by the others, namelly BP,Repsol,SHELL and so on.. all these practice the same price.

How can the Government expect to control inflation by allowing these petrol companies to practice the same prices all the time... one increases the others follow.. EU hates any monopolistic activity that affects EU citizens, so why don't these companies suffer some kind of sanctions?..

Portugal will certainly end up in a recession this year if the petrol prices at the pumps continue as they are ... actually the recession has started since all energy , food, transports, health, in fact everything has increased beginning of 2008, the only workers that will continue to have reasonable wages are the state workers ( public servants ) all others face uncertainty or unemployment...

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Oil, Gold Near Records

The actual crude situation is like a huge bubble ready to burst... when this happens we will have reached the turning point were SPECULATION will no longer be the effective instrument that certain governments , analysts, car manufactures , oil producers and oil companies use daily to manipulate prices.
Global inflationary pressures will worsen as energy and food costs keep rising ... We will eventually end up in a recession ...
WorldWatch received a news flash confirming that crude oil and gold traded near records after a slump in the dollar against major currencies boosted the appeal of raw materials as an inflation hedge.
Oil reached a record $100 a barrel yesterday and gold soared to its highest ever. The dollar fell as traders increased the odds of a U.S Federal Reserve cut in borrowing costs this month to 100 percent. Gold gained to a record $860.10 an ounce yesterday.
Consumption is rising in China and India, the world's biggest buyers of the commodity, and governments are promoting increased use of edible oils as alternative fuels.

Also affecting the oil prices is the violence in Nigeria ... may extend output cuts in Africa's biggest oil producer. Nigerian militants killed 12 people in the southern oil city of Port Harcourt on Jan. 1. Unrest has curbed daily production by almost a quarter...Geopolitical uncertainty including violence in the Middle East, Pakistan as well as Nigeria , WHY DOES THIS AFFECT CRUDE PRICES...!! How many people die per day in Nigeria , in Africa ... this never affected prices.... now it does...why ??? BLAME SPECULATION...

Crude oil for February delivery traded at $99.49 a barrel, in after-hours electronic trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange at 2:29 p.m. in Singapore.

The dollar's 11 percent slide last year against the euro helped boost oil prices because it made commodities cheaper for buyers outside the U.S. and attracted investors seeking a hedge against inflation. The priority for this year is to eradicate SPECULATION from the face of the earth...but we must all stand together...the stronger we get the more successful we will be, after all its the final consumer that bears the grunt of the inflated crude prices.
Its up to the consumer in our respective countries to pressure governments ,car manufactures , oil producers and oil companies, let them now that this situation has reached the turning point...


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YEAR 2008

As the year 2008 begins there is no positive news regarding the crude price ...SPECULATION continues to dominate events as crude oil rose above $98 a barrel in New York on speculation U.S. stockpiles fell for a seventh week...why should this news affect crude prices...every week U.S. stockpiles decline .. even when they dont decline prices keep going up.
According to our WorldWatch office a U.S. government report tomorrow will show a drop in crude supplies last week, from their lowest in three years !!!!
Gold futures for February delivery rose $11.60, or 1.4 percent, to $849.60 an ounce at 9:01 a.m. on the Comex division of the New York Mercantile Exchange.

Oil also gained after militant attacks in Nigeria, Africa's biggest crude producer, increased concern that violence will deepen production cuts. Violence has already cut production by about 500,000 barrels a day. There have always been conflicts in Nigeria, almost every African Nation has conflicts...so why should the price of crude suffer !!! just because Nigeria produces crude !!! anyway who controls the local crude market...U.S companies !!!

What the world needs is efficient energy source other than crude... there are many options but more investment is needed.

Crude oil for February delivery climbed to $98.29 a barrel in after-hours trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange. The contract traded at $97.82 at 1:42 p.m. London time.

Last year, prices surged $34.93 a barrel, or 57 percent, the biggest annual percentage increase since 2002. New York futures reached a record $99.29 on Nov. 21 as a weaker dollar made crude cheaper in other currencies.

Brent crude for February settlement rose to $96.40 a barrel on the ICE Futures Europe exchange. It traded at $96.06 at 1:18 p.m. London time.

The London benchmark rose 54 percent last year, the most since 1999, when prices more than doubled.

Oil advanced 2.9 percent in New York last week after the assassination of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto sparked concerns of instability in the nuclear-armed nation.
Also having a effect on crude prices is Nigerian militants killed 12 people in the southern oil city of Port Harcourt in attacks on two police stations and a hotel, the state-run News Agency of Nigeria said yesterday, citing Felix Ogbaudu, the regional police chief, reducingNigeria's output by 20 percent since the start of 2006.
Gold rose, extending a seven-year rally to the highest price since 1980, as a weakening dollar and higher energy costs boosted demand for a hedge against inflation. Silver also gained.V

So its up to the consumer to turn this situation in a downward trend... because we have noticed that crude is making a run for a $100, the dollar is headed lower, and geopolitical tensions are building. It's very possible gold can get to $1,000 this year.!!!


Please note these details may be subject to change THE NEWEST NATION IN EUROPE… PORTAXLAND This European Nation has so many t...